Taryn Souders has written the best book for teaching fractions to young children and maybe even refreshing yourself on the subject. Her book, Whole-y Cow! Fractions Are Fun, is a rhyming book that shows how to divide, painted cows, colored bathing suits, scoops of ice cream, flower petals, and colorful butterflies into fractions.

The pictures, drawn by Tatjana Mai-Wyss, are so cute and attractive to children. Many barnyard animals show up with the cows in the book. Even if you have reluctant learners, the pictures and humorous, rhyming text will drawn them in.

I used the book with my grandchildren, a boy and a girl, and both were smiling throughout as we read the words and were eager to be the one to give the answer to questions like:

“One whole cow was eating ice cream, two scoops of chocolate and a third of mint dream. What fraction of the ice cream is chocolate? What fraction of the ice cream is mint dream?” (see pp. 8-9 and back cover.)

I not only highly recommend this book for teaching fractions but, also, as a bedtime story book for a little fun before you turn off the light at night. What better way to instill knowledge than to let your children drift off to sleep dreaming of colorful cows and how fractions work.