This week I started reading a book on minimalism. I have come to love that subject and have employed many techniques that I’ve learned from youtube. I am in the process, and have been for a while, of cleaning out years of accumulated things, I didn’t need in the first place. My husband loads up his truck and delivers my excess to Goodwill, in the hopes someone else might find use out of my overabundance. It is a good feeling to deal with less and less stuff. It makes homemaking so much easier.

So many people are at home now and find they are in a more homemaking, and sometimes homeschooling, role. It is definitely fun to get ideas from youtube on all these subjects, so today, I want to share a site that I have found very interesting and helpful.

Jennifer L. Scott has written several books, but her most favored one on youtube seems to be, “Lessons from MADAME CHIC 20 Stylish Secrets I learned While Living in Paris“.

Jennifer’s channel, “the Daily Connoisseur” has many tips for efficiency in the areas of choosing clothes that help your wardrobe function well, along with homemaking, cooking, cleaning, debt reduction, wise use of time and much more. She and her husband have four children and she homeschools.

I wanted to share two of her videos that are part one and part two of “FARMER BOY Homemaking Secrets from Little House on the Prairie.” She shares homemaking tips gleaned from the way they handled life at home in the Farmer Boy book, written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She reads small segments of the book to give beautiful pictures of how they incorporated every family member into a strong work ethic. They all seemed to cheer each other on as they worked and were proud of the successes of other family members. Jennifer points out that the work was made to be enjoyable, and the children would rather work than go to school.

If you are working at home, from home, homeschooling, or all of the above, you will find these two videos very educational and entertaining. Jennifer has a beautiful reading voice that is soothing to listen to as she reads. I think anyone would find ideas they could incorporate today from the long ago voices of the past, as Jennifer shares them.

What Youtube channels do you find helpful to improve your daily life?