Life is taking a toll on everyone nowadays. So the experts tell us to handle all the stress by being more self-aware. They say slow down. Take care of yourself first, then you will have more stamina to help care for others. Sounds pretty good and then you read Matthew 22:36-39 and wonder how to coordinate those two ends of the spectrum.

Still, I think most of us, over the age of twenty-five or thirty, are always looking for ways to be our better selves, to look younger, and feel more energetic.

Over the past few weeks, I have looked at every diet known to man on youtube. Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, ECT. Each one tells why theirs is better and the others cause health problems. Yesterday, I watched youtube video after video on how to hide wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy eyes. This morning, I saw a video that said puffy eyes is due to kidney disease, liver problems, and insulin resistance. For the kidney and liver issues, you are eating too much protein. For the Insulin resistance, you are not eating enough protein. What??? Good luck with that information on figuring out how to get rid of those puffy eyes.

So… how can you ever figure it all out?

Well, last week I ran across a delightful video that may have more of the answers we actually need and it has nothing to do with what we eat. It kind of goes back to the idea of being self-aware, but in so doing, instead of looking at what you need to be happy, you might want to look at what you need to change to brighten your countenance.

I’ve mentioned Linda Vater before on this blog. She has a YouTube channel about gardening, thrifting, and life. She recently wrote a book about growing an edible garden.

Hardcover The Elegant and Edible Garden: Design a Dream Kitchen Garden to Fit Your Personality, Desires, and Lifestyle Book

You can find her book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Thrift books.

You can watch her entire youtube video titled, 5 Ways to Feel Younger & More Energetic at Any Age, here:

It is well worth the twenty-five minutes of your time that it will take. I found her statements to be extremely humorous, yet true.

Here is a condensed version of her tips:

  1. Good posture and body movement is very important. Standing tall makes you look 10-20 pounds lighter. Cary Grant is her example of using his posture and body movement to his advantage at the age of late 70’s . He attended an event that Linda was at. She was twenty at the time, but she said every woman of every age at the function was enamored with him.
  2. Put pride and effort into your appearance. Linda tells the story of how her mother-in-law, at age 91, was asked to have her picture taken to be the poster child for hospice, because she dressed so cute, stylish, and took such good care of herself. Linda feels it is respectful to the others around you to take good care of yourself.
  3. “Put a lid on complaining, grunting, whining, and judging. Smile a lot.” This one is my favorite. The stories for this topic are so hilarious, I will let you go to the video to see what Linda has to say about these quirks. Trust me, it is well worth your time if you need a lift for the day. (I think this is a big one for most of us. And the kids around us pick up our habits.)
  4. “To be interesting, be interested. Be curious. Don’t take awe for granted.”
  5. Linda says, “Happily ever after happens one day at a time.” Life is a journey and each day we should be wiser than we were the day before. Learn constantly. Surround yourself with multiple generations. Try to be more comfortable with change.

I highly recommend you watch the video for the full version of all Linda has to say. I think she has passed along some great wisdom that actually works. Once you learn to incorporate new habits, you will be the example for your children and grandchildren to learn these habits from you.

Is there anything you are working on right now to change how you appear to others?