What a beautiful book cover! I want to be there on this cold, rainy day!!

If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know how much I love the author, Robin Jones Gunn. I devour any new book she writes and read the older ones over when I am out of reading material, or just want a lift in my spirit, for the day.

Her second book in the Haven Makers Series, Being Known, came out in 2020, and I just finished it. It is a little darker in the concepts it teaches through fictional stories, as two different characters deal with marriages and the ideas of staying with a marriage during the bad times, the lure of finding comfort outside a marriage, or being in the middle of someone else’s marriage, when you have no business there. Very deep material. I’m grateful that Robin always shows the godly approach to resolving all these issues while making it very real life.

I have learned through the trials of marriage, the only way to stay on the right path is to study up on what a covenant with God means, and make it your purpose to stay with that covenant, no matter the cost. Even when the stresses of marriage are affecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally, God covers all of it when you remain true to your covenant with Him. God is the only one that can walk you through all the seasons of marriage, but you have to do your part by being willing to follow Biblical mandates.

Robin shows this through the twists, turns, and choices of her characters. I always highly recommend her books and this one is suitable for late teen girls of dating age through women of any age above that. It is also helpful to those struggling with marriage or thinking of getting involved with a married man. To the last one, just don’t. It’s not your place to be and Robin’s character, contemplating a relationship with a married man, is well written to show her struggles to do the right thing. So good!!

I, also, have been thinking a lot about churches in relation to this book. Just as in marriage, we have churches that don’t get us, ignore us, don’t talk to us much about the deeper things we are going through, and may not seem to want us there. My husband and I have been through many changes in where we go to church throughout our lifetime. It is so hard to find a good church. Somehow, things in my mind related to Robin’s book on this concept. If you have a church that is not teaching false doctrine or doing UnBiblical things… then think of it as a marriage. Don’t give yourself the option of divorce, or even separation. Don’t think of leaving it for another.

Covid has caused many separations from our churches during this time. My husband and I went back to church in person for the first time this past Sunday. Almost a year of no church, in person. It felt strange and lonely. But then, sometimes, I feel like my husband is a stranger, when I don’t understand him. The key is to not give yourself an out in either area. Stay with the strangeness until it gets better. Don’t even consider divorce, from a marriage, or from your church.

“Stay the course.” (My daughter often quotes that from the movie, The Patriot, with Mel Gibson.)

Yes, that’s all we can do. Stay the course until God shines His light, and you see all things clearly in every area of your life. And, enjoy a good book from Robin Jones Gunn, for a lift in your spirit.