In my last four posts, I have covered four out of five Blue Zones with information about how to live a healthier, happier, life. Today, I had planned to cover the fifth zone which would have been Greece, but my plan was interrupted because of someone who decided they would spend their life eating what they want, not exercising, and making life hard for others wherever they go by being fully absorbed in themselves.

I have several family members that have done this as they aged and they now suffer with diabetes and all that goes with that, difficulty walking, difficulty going to the store or library, and even though they have the poorest quality of life, they still refuse to go all out to make the changes they need. When you try to encourage them with resources like we find in the Blue Zones, they ignore you, complain about their lot in life and continue down their own set path of destruction.

Proverbs 1:7b says, “…fools despise wisdom and instruction.” And Proverbs 1:22b says, “…fools hate knowledge”.

And guess what? I don’t want to be a fool.

God shows us so much through His Word. I have been reading through the Bible and try to read at least an hour a day. I’ve finished the New Testament and in the Old Testament I started Proverbs today.

I love verses like:

  • “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge…” Proverbs 1:7a
  • “But whoso hearkeneth unto Me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.” Proverbs 1:33
  • “He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster.” Proverbs 18:9
  • “Hast thou found honey? eat so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith and vomit it.” Proverbs 25:16

Which say to me:

  • Honor the LORD and follow Him and you will be wise.
  • If you listen to God, you will be safe and not have to fear the bad things of life.
  • Don’t be lazy… it gets you nowhere.
  • Don’t overeat anything no matter how good it tastes… have self-control.

And then God puts these people in your life to show you what not to do.


  • Never read your Bible.
  • If you read a tiny portion of it, feel satisfied with yourself, and never think it could possibly mean you should do what it says.
  • Think about yourself all the time and what you want.
  • Eat all the food you want and lament if your doctor says you shouldn’t be eating something you like, i.e. sugar.
  • Never exercise.
  • If some part of your body has pain, stop using it. (Fair warning… that part will lock up and you will eventually not be able to walk, turn your head, raise your arms, get up and down, ect.)
  • Stop reading.
  • Stop all hobbies like gardening.
  • Stop letting your family and friends come around.
  • When you go to the doctor, don’t listen, just tell them what you want. (Trust me… The doctor will then say, “Where did you get your medical degree?”)
  • When lab work is ordered, tell lab personnel where to draw your blood from. (And they will say, “I’ve been drawing blood for 25 years, Just lay back and relax and let me do my job.)
  • And when the lab work is drawn, moan and groan like a baby, because you never grew up and learned— there is pain in life and you better train yourself to tolerate it.

I will continue to study books on Blue Zones, Cholesterol Myths , what sugar does to the body, and how to work with your body and the natural healing and restoration that an amazing Creator has implanted in us if we study to understand it. Did you know— “Roughly 330 billion cells turn over every day. About 86 percent are blood cells, and 12 percent are gut cells. Other cells are replaced very slowly.” “In 80 to 100 days, 30 trillion [cells] will have replenished—the equivalent of a new you.” (see— Mark Fischetti, Jen Christiansen article on April 1, 2021 from Scientific American “Our Bodies Replace billions of Cells Every Day“)

I will study books on gardening, and how to improve my soil, and what to plant, and crop rotation, and how to make it beautiful with flowers interspersed to create food, exercise, and stress relief.

And, as I learn I will share them on this blog, along with book reviews that will increase wisdom and knowledge.

I hope you will come along for the ride and help to improve your health. Next week, I hope to cover the Greek Blue Zone I missed this week.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, what is one thing that you are sure God is showing you at this time in your life that will make your life better? Please share below:)