I am hearing new buzzwords every time I turn on the TV. Wikipedia says, “A buzzword is a word or phrase, new or already existing, that becomes popular for a period of time.”

Intentional Living—

is one of these new phrases. Wikipedia says, “Intentional living is any lifestyle based on an individual or group’s conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs. These can include lifestyles based on religious, political or ethical values, as well as for self-improvement.”

Have you heard the new buzzword—

Quiet Luxury?

It’s apparently a fashion movement that puts emphasis on classic, superior quality, pieces of clothing with a minimalistic appeal. According to the ones who use this buzzword, these articles of clothing never go out of style. The clothes are most often made of silk, cashmere, and linen.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Kristen Hoffman, speaks of intentional living often, on her YouTube channel. You can watch her do a bathroom update on her channel here.

What I love about Kristen is… she is very intentional about her faith in God and sharing it with others. She is very intentional about taking care of her family and making a home with interesting things to look at. She is intentional about using the money God gives them wisely, by thrifting. She has been known to pray for an item she is looking for to update their house and then find it as trash on the curb, or at a yard sale, or in the Good Will bins. But what I love most about her is the intention to live a very real life and not be ashamed to let you know that she does not always know how to do everything and is in the process of learning. She mentions in the bathroom video that she and her husband almost lost their salvation over trying to install their new bathroom hardware.


I love it!

Because I mess up so much, I identify with her on that. I love that she just admits it, moves forward, and works around her areas of weakness. I learn so much from her. And if you watch the video to the end, despite her struggles, the bathroom turns out beautiful.

If you remember a few weeks ago, I did a post on painting some rockers for my front porch. When my husband moved the last one I painted to the front porch, he pointed out that I had missed some places on the front legs of the rocker. And sure enough he was right. The question becomes should I paint or leave them alone?

I chose to leave them alone.

Because things change in life daily.

Our 18-year-old cat passed away. I will not live here without a cat. There are too many mice and snakes that need to be kept away. The porch that I had worked hard to make a place for sitting and enjoying the view, has become home to a kitten named Callie. I am in the process of blocking her in, training her to catch mice with toys, and making sure she is bonded to me, so she will stay. The porch now belongs to her… along with the rocker that I am now calling “shabby chic”. (Another buzzword.)

Callie enjoying her view from the “shabby chic” rocker.

On this labor day, I am intentionally trying to update my dining room and bring more light into the space by painting the black chairs white. I painted three chairs about a week ago. Today I am finishing the other three.

Original chairs.

I used Krylon paint with primer in Satin white. I also used a $7.00 attachment to the spray can to make it more of an air sprayer. It works great!

The contrast between the dark and light chairs is amazing.

Just having three chairs in place makes the room look much brighter.

As of this moment the chairs are drying so they can be painted.

I used Krud Kutter on them and it practically melts the paint off. You just spray and wipe. I then hosed them off. The top layer of finish has been removed.

It is now several hours later, and I just finished two coats of paint on the three chairs. The seats didn’t take the paint as well this time. I’m letting them dry, then I will decide if I need to sand them and apply new paint, or just give them one more coat without sanding. Or maybe I’ll leave them alone and call them “Shabby Chic”. After all, they will be used by our grandkids and will probably look “chippy” very soon. (Chippy – a buzzword used for items with paint chipping off of them. It is revered in some styles of decorating, and many people that refinish furniture apply products to make them look more chippy.)

And then maybe I will be “obsessed” with them. (Obsessed – another buzzword frequently used by YouTubers who fall in love with an item or product and can’t stop looking at or thinking about it.)

When I finish painting the table in another week or so, I’m sure I will be obsessed by then.😉

Are there any buzzwords you have heard recently or find that you are using?