Every math problem has a solution. So does every other problem we encounter in life. We just have to search for it.

If you think this is not true, I want you to think of a problem that you think has no solution, and then think of the most drastic answer to it that lines up with scripture. If you search out and follow what scripture says, even if it is the opposite of what seems right to you, the solution will come. My husband says that one solution to most problems is time. Many of our problems disappear over time and we completely forget we ever had a problem.

For years, I tried unsuccessfully to make headway on a book I’ve been writing. I would be drawn away by things I was doing for others, or household projects, and writing came last. I wanted to be able to do it all, but there was only so much time in a day. I had a problem.

I kept praying and trying to figure out a solution. After ten plus years of trying different ways of working writing into my schedule, I recently found the answer.

My husband and I both got up at 6:00 am, but I could tell, he was tired and that was not his best time. If I began to get up at 5:00 am (my best time) and he slept until 7:00 am (his best time), that gave me two hours of total quietness in the house for me to write. I have been doing this for almost two months now, and it has become my daily sweet spot of pure bliss… two hours of totally quiet writing time. I had first said I would only do it five days a week, but I enjoy it so much, lately I’ve been writing on Saturday mornings, too.

Another problem I needed to find a solution for was… I have not completely learned the craft of writing. I have been to writer’s conferences, joined writer’s groups, and yet, something was lacking. I came upon the solution for this by persistence.

I had to find the right person, with the right answer (which turned out to be Joni Vance, a sweet, helpful friend and a writing guru), and ask the right question. This led me to the online resource of the Novel Academy/ My Book Therapy started by Susan May Warren. It is the best online resource I’ve found for teaching the art of writing and with their Thursday night Pep Talks, I get weekly inspiration to not give up on my dream to become a published author.

Do you believe that every problem has a solution?

I want to challenge you to think of something you are dealing with that is a huge problem for you. Then think through every solution you can come up with for that problem based on scripture. Play the what if game. What if… I followed that Bible verse and did what it says to do. Before you try the solution… see if you can figure out in your mind whether it would work or not. That’s the beauty of following scripture… what looks to us like it won’t work, actually will. Then, jump in. Go for it. Life is too short to not get to the bottom of our problems and find solutions.

Our biggest solution for most of our problems comes in the form of submitting to Jesus Christ. He offers us: forgiveness, acceptance, comfort, help, rewards, friendship, joy, and peace. And it’s all given as a free gift through belief and faith. (See Romans 10:9-10,13)

Is there a problem you have encountered lately and found a solution for? If it is possible, could you please share in the comments. It may be that your solution could help someone else find theirs:)