Purple Moon, by Tessa Emily Hall, is great fiction for teen girls that focuses on many of the struggles that are faced by them today and encourages redemption, found through a relationship with Christ. Some of the issues addressed in the story are drug and alcohol addictions, smoking, teen pregnancy, pornography and single parenting. Just as in real life, not all of the characters find their way out of these issues and are still struggling at the end of the book, but examples have been set. Tessa writes each of her characters into very real scenarios, that make them come to life on the page.

This book shows that the only path out of our problems is through Jesus Christ and what He has done for us on the cross. The main character, Selena, asks Austin, a secondary character that frequently speaks truth into her life, the question every teen has, “If there is a God, and if He really loves me, then why did all that stuff have to happen? None of it makes sense.” His reply, “…without the dark, we’d never see the stars. There also would be no use for the moon if there was never a night.” (page 83)

Austin shares other wisdom with Selena through a note, based on her recent salvation experience. “Just remember that just because you’re saved, doesn’t mean only good things will happen. And it doesn’t mean you have to be ‘religious’, either. Just be yourself, because I like you better that way.” And then he encourages her to read Isaiah 60:19-22. (Page 236) (It is worth your time to look up this scripture and mark it in your Bible.)

Austin’s words are very instructive for new believers. Sometimes Satan really amps up his attacks on the newly saved, and they need to be supported by others as they begin their new lives in Christ. Austin is the one that does this for Selena.

Austin shares more wisdom on page 259 when he tells Selena, “Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s what you learn from those mistakes that help you to grow as a person.”

And one of my favorite parts of the book over all is when Austin shows Selena how Fairy Tales can be related to parables and he uses the example of the prodigal son story that Jesus told. Selena makes a shift here as she declares, “I don’t want to write my love stories anymore… I want God to write them from now on.”(pages 310-311) And, that is what God will do in all of our lives, if we let Him. He writes our stories showing His love for us.

Tessa brings out how fairy tales can be used in our lives and why we love them so much. They offer hope and redemption for characters that are experiencing the bad side of life. Don’t we all wish for happy endings for ourselves and others?

I recommend this book for girls ages fourteen and up and for their mothers to read along side them. I pray God will lead each of you to your happy ending in life as you seek Him with all of your heart.