Sometimes you just have to take a sick day. Life catches up with you and a common cold knocks you off your feet.

I say common cold—


There’s nothing common about colds anymore.

Colds seem to be harsher now than when I was a little girl. Pre-twenties, I might get sick for a couple days, run a low grade fever, but I just kept going. No biggie. People with colds still went to work, because it was just “a little cold”, you didn’t worry about someone else catching it, because it seemed tame and benign and would be gone quickly.

Nowadays, you’d better isolate because the common cold could kill people.

The modern cold knocks you off your feet:

  • You feel like your head is on fire and fixing to explode at any moment.
  • Your fever spikes to 101.2 – no low grade fevers.
  • Your chest hurts and when you have a coughing spell you are surprised to find your head didn’t detonate with that much pain.
  • You can’t eat.
  • You can’t sleep for the coughing and dripping nose.
  • You feel like you’ve been attacked by Satan.

Do I sound like I’m whining. Only because I am. But, I know, I know, “nobody likes a whiner”.

So, I’ll keep my whining to myself and just take a sick day.

Do you feel like colds are getting worse, as in, end times—Armageddon worse? Please comment below.

I don’t mind the whining and I think it is warranted.🤒