Life is so busy. We miss so many things that are really important for us to see.

I went out early this morning while it was still cool to pull weeds in a strawberry bed I planted around a tiny greenhouse we use to winter over small container trees and plants.

Here are some pictures.

The Beginning
One side is weed free.
I finished it off with pine straw.

Some days when I work, I listen to the birds, the relaxing sound of a breeze stirring the trees, and the sounds of the neighborhood. Other days I listen to uplifting podcasts.

This morning I decided to listen to a podcast, just because… when I was putting on my sunscreen, I saw a new age spot on my face. Oh, the joys of aging. So I googled… “natural beauty for Christian women.” It’s amazing where an age spot can take you:)

Here is the link to the first podcast that popped up.

The title of the site is The Healthy Christian Women Podcast, run by Dr. Melody who desires to help women have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The guest on this edition just happened to be Dr. Josh Axe. As I listened I became more and more excited and astounded.

Dr. Axe shared that prayer and going to God, who is our Great Physician and our Great Healer, is the first thing we should do when working on our health [or age spots:)]. He noted… when Jesus healed people, He didn’t look at their diets or what they were eating; He looked at their emotional health.

Dr. Axe goes on to say that different emotions affect different organ systems. He mentioned that you may see breast cancer on just the left side. He then went through a list of systems that are affected by our emotions:

  • Worry causes upper GI symptoms
  • Fear attacks the adrenal glands and for children can cause bedwetting
  • Anger creates a toxic liver
  • Anxiety increases the blood pressure
  • Grief affects the immune system

On the podcast, Dr. Axe gives tips for easily changing your eating habits to healthier options. He shares that God makes us all so different that while one diet may work for one person, someone else can follow it and not get any of the same results. That shows a very personal God who works with us individually and created our bodies to need different solutions based on how He made us. (Each one of us is “Set Apart” and special to God.)

Now, I found all of this information very exciting and interesting, but here is the huge miracles that I have missed in life and I think most of you have missed this one, too. What Dr. Axe shared on the podcast shows how mind-blowing God is and how much thought He put into creating food for us to eat.

Here goes…

This is so amazing!!!

Dr. Axe says that you can look at the food that God has created and tell what it helps, heals, or boosts, based on the appearance, flavor, or color of the food.

Here are the examples he gave:

  1. The Walnut – Has a hard shell you crack and two hemispheres with wrinkles. It looks like the brain and is a perfect brain food that is full of choline, Vitamin E, and Omega 3.
  2. The Coconut – looks like a head and has medium chain fats that supports brain tissue and has a fluid inside like cerebrospinal fluid.
  3. Kidney beans – look like and support the adrenals.
  4. Celery – looks like the inside of bones and supplies minerals for the bones, like vitamin k.
  5. Onions – look like cells and are full of Quercetin which cleanses the cells.
  6. Beets – look like blood and support the heart. (They lower blood levels of homocysteine.)
  7. Green foods support the liver.
  8. Yellow foods like bone broth, ginger, and Tumeric, support the immune system.
  9. Red foods support the heart.

What else has God made so simple for us that we are overlooking? I feel this information could be very useful not only for finding foods for health, but for use in defending our faith. It is important information to share with your children to establish a sense of wonder and excitement for knowing God.

You can read more about all this in Dr. Axe’s book entitled Ancient Remedies.

I did find other natural remedies for fading age spots online and they include: lemon juice, potatoes, cucumbers, oatmeal, buttermilk, orange peel, and honey.

Has God shown you something new recently? Something you know that many of us may have missed? Miracles in life? If so, I would love to hear about it.