Daily living has become filled with a mixture of drudgery and chaos. We are inundated with too much information about the lives of others that is not inspiring at all, but instead, makes us feel more and more hopeless about the world we live in. It is hard to find relief from our daily struggles and inner turmoils as we try to go about normal lives in times that are not normal. Not at all.

People around us are stressed out, and the ones who usually would help lift us up are in need of being lifted up themselves.

Today, I want to pass along help for these times from the Daily Connoisseur youtube channel of Jennifer L. Scott. In the video below, she shares “The 15 Most inspirational Quotes for EFFICIENCY and MOTIVATION”. All the quotes sparked thoughts of hope and erased some of the weariness I have been feeling that comes from living in a fallen world.

I am grateful to find resources of this type and grateful that Jennifer was led to share the inspirational quotes with all of us.

Where do you find inspiration to help you during these times?