I recently watched the movie, Overcomer, again. I’ve watched it at least four times since I bought the DVD.

In the movie, John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) has been given the task of coaching a cross-country runner with Asthma, Hannah Scott (Aryn Wright Thompson). In the movie, John is asked the question “Who is John Harrison?” by Thomas Hill (Cameron Arnett) as a challenge to think deeper about his life.

John later uses the same question on his student and only runner, Hannah Scott. When first asked “Who are you?”, she has no answer. Later she is able to give an answer based on the first chapters of Ephesians. The scene where she tells John who she is, based on what God’s Word says about her, is amazing.


This week I have been thinking about that question a lot. Many times, as moms, wives, daughters, and women, we are not valued by those around us. We can turn that around and find that we don’t value others as we should, either. My daughter was struggling with her children’s attitudes that devalued the work she puts in to give them a great homeschool experience and even her as a person.

I sent her a text.

Here is an edited version of what I said:

I was thinking of your situation and the situations of all of us. The problem with the relationship between you and the kids is that they don’t attribute worth to you. It’s what all kids do. I didn’t attribute worth to my mom, and I am now ashamed of the thoughts I’ve had toward her.

We all think our moms are not worthy of anything but doing our clothes, feeding us, teaching us, and let us be Kings and Queens. We think it’s her job to honor and worship us and many times that’s what moms do with their kids… they pour everything into them and forget they have worth before the Lord outside of doing all those things.

I was thinking that I treat God the same way. I get mad when He doesn’t fix things, or give me all I want. I don’t hear from Him, because I don’t want to hear from Him… I think I’m smarter than Him and can figure out my own stuff, until I am failing and then I demand He get me out of the situation of my own making.

I know I’m not smarter than God, but my attitude of not consulting Him and then listening until I hear from Him, of treating Him like he is just there to solve my problems and cater to me, demonstrates my lack of respect for the Holy God that He is.

I think is important for us as women, moms, and children of God, to hit the reset button. To see God’s worth, love Him for who He is, bow to His Holiness, fight our flesh to hear from Him, and actually listen. And then to see the worth in our Moms (I have been confessing my sins on that one.) and to see our own worth and honor what God has given us, but know that our worth only comes from Him, not from something inherent in us. Then we need to enjoy the great things God has for us to do (like homeschool) and not give up on those things.


In Overcomer, Hannah figures out who she is from the scriptures. Her list includes: created by God, designed, not a mistake, gave His Son to die for her (loved), forgiven, chosen, redeemed, wanted, saved, given a future because He loves her, and made a child of God.

Who God says we are is our worth, not what others say.

We have a half finished basement set up for family to hang out and a large play area for our grandchildren. Several years back I painted it in a color pattern of yellow, orange and green.

I thought it looked playful and energizing for children, but it became stressful to me. Colors do make a big difference in moods. So, I have been re-painting this week to get a more relaxing environment for us to entertain in.

Working on white bookcases, with navy and gold wallpaper background, a navy accent wall behind the bookcases, and lighter blue walls on the sides.

While I have painted for hours each day, I have been listing to youtube videos of Lisa Bevere, Sally Clarkson and Priscilla Shirer, to immerse myself in God-centered teaching. One thing that stuck with me the most this week was something that Priscilla Shirer said. She made the comment that when her husband, Jerry, stood before God at the judgement, she wanted to make sure that he would hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21)

It really made me think. How many times do we see ourselves standing before God’s throne longing to be rewarded for being good, but do we ever think of helping anyone else in our lives to live out the kind of life where God will be pleased with them. It made me realize how selfish I am. I have never thought about hearing those words for others but only for myself.

That is how we can show value and worth to someone else. To help them… children, husbands, wives, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, anyone we meet…reach their full potential before the Lord. Teaching them how to have the right attitude and respect for others and demonstrating the actions required. Teaching them who God says they are so they will become the best they can be in this life. And when they stand before the throne… they will hear “well done” and you will, too.

Who in your life are you cheering for… desiring that they hear those amazing words… “Well Done“?